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Iman Kusumo

In the last decade polo has enjoyed a phenomenal return in lifestyle around the world. Polo game are no longer associated with a certain social class, it’s however still associated with charity for good causes, individuals or corporations and sports enthusiast who are passionate about their love of this game. Here in Indonesia polo has revitalize itself in joining the international community of polo by participating in various international competitions. The Indonesian Polo Association was created to facilitate and foster the growth of this sport in Indonesia. As a member of the Federation of International Polo, all of our members are entitled to handicap listing that will be useful when the playing internationally.

The Indonesian Polo Association is currently searching for talented and new polo players to join the the fun and excitement polo has to offer.

I look forward to see all of you playing and enjoying this game we all love so much.

R. Mohammad Iman Kusumo
President of the Indonesian Polo Association